Succession and Testamentary refers to the process in which ones assets are passed from one generation to the next.

You never want to leave your loved ones to suffer, if the unexpected occurs. It is advisable to save your family from stress and possible conflicts by making sure your wishes are clear, and that what you want for yourself is decided in advance. We at MG Legal assist you to achieve simplicity in the administration of your estate and reduce chances of any costly estate disputes and litigation which can exhaust the estate and ruin relationships. If need be, we go to the extent of working with your financial planner or accountant to carefully plan your assets and structure the Will to make sure that the ownership of the assets you leave behind is structured appropriately.

We offer legal services to the Indian community in legal matters related to Succession Testamentary which includes:

  • Probate of Will in High Court
  • Letter of Administration in High Court
  • Succession Certificate in High Court